NBFC Business Loans: Advantages, Eligibility, & Requirements

NBFC business loans can be referred to as the financial support offered to small and medium-scale businesses from NBFCs. Traditionally, banks and other informal sources of lending have been the two most preferred options when it came to small or personal business loan. However, in recent years, there has been a paradigm shift, especially when it c

Your Ultimate Guide to Loaning Money to Family

You are most likely to get back 57% of the money you loan to relatives! Loaning money to family and friends can have adverse implications on your relationship. How do you say no when a loved one is in a fix? If someone has bad credit and cannot take out a loan to pay credit card debt, their only solution becomes a family member. When it comes to s

Student Loan Assistance Companies on Notice Now for Inflating Repayment Plans to Get $0 Payments: Essay by Steve Rhode

Written by Steve Rhode (originally published in Get Out of Debt Guy on July 26, 2019) A long implemented trick by some student loan assistance companies has been to tell consumers they can inflate the number of people they support in order to reduce the monthly payment on Income-Drive Repayment (IDR) Plans. Consumers have reported and 

Fraud in the Federal Student Loan Program? We’re shocked! Shocked!

Everyone knows the federal student-loan program is a train wreck. Even Education Secretary Betsy DeVos described it as a looming thunderstorm and admitted that 43 percent of all student loans are “in distress.” Now the Government Accountability Office has issued a report indicating there may be fraud in the income-driven repayment progr

What Is The Eligibility For A Loan For Business Without Security?

Small businesses that desire capital or business loans for their growth have always looked at banks as the only ray of hope. The downside to this is that banks usually don’t offer a loan for business without security. It has always discouraged the small businesses from applying for a loan with banks and other financial institutions. The loan amoun

Are Cash Advances Loans A Good Idea? The Truth About Payday Loans

Whether you’re facing a medical emergency, a sudden home repair expense, or if you’re just short on cash at the moment, perhaps you’ve thought about taking out a payday loan. Every year, close to 84 million people take out some sort of a personal loan. But are payday loans a good idea, and how exactly do they work? Read on to discover the truth ab

Can You Get A Payday Loan With Bad Credit?

About 30% of Americans have poor credit. If you’re among them, then you may be worried about how your current credit score could impact your ability to qualify for a loan. You’d like to be able to get a payday loan not only to help you through a financially tough time, but also because you know that paying it back on time could improve your credit

The Top 3 Best Unsecured Credit Cards

About 173 million people in the United States above the age of 18 carry credit cards. The most common credit cards are unsecured. These cards do not require you to pay a deposit when opening an account. Finding the best-unsecured credit cards will help you have a brighter financial future, fix mistakes with your credit in the past, and improve you

Equipment Loans: Everything You Need To Know

Equipment loans are the financing you need for any machinery, vehicle, or equipment needed for running the business efficiently. It is the monetary assistance that allows business owners to pay for pieces of equipment purchased over a predetermined duration. Equipment loans have always been a favourable choice for small businessmen often. It is be

How To Apply For An MSME Loan In Just 5 Steps?

For Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, there are several options present in the market to get an MSME loan sanctioned. However, the situation was different a few years back. MSMEs had to rely solely on banks to get a business loan approved. And everyone is well aware of how tiring and difficult it is to get a business loan from banks. It become