It’s Raining and I’m Melting! 5 Tips for Financing a New Roof

Oh no! It’s raining outside and water starts dripping from the ceiling. If you’ve patched and repaired your old roof but are still having problems, it may be time for a new roof. If you are like most people, you’ve put off getting a new roof for as long as you can because of the price. This isn’t just a small out-of-pocket expense. For many, finan

Understanding Personal Loan EMIs and Calculators

Every individual strives hard to accumulate resources for the accomplishment of their life goals. However, there are times when your hard-earned savings might not suffice. In that case, personal loans come into the picture to help you chase your aspiration. With personal loans, you obtain financial assistance for achieving your ambitions with ease

A Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Loan Fees

When considering business funding, all of the financial jargon can quickly become confusing. If you’re not a banking expert, it can be difficult to understand all of the fees incorporated into a loan offer, and more importantly, what they mean when it comes to just how much you actually owe. What Are Small Business Loan Fees? In addition to the mo

NatWest cuts rates by up to 84 basis points

NatWest has announced rate cuts by up to 84 basis points as well as launched a number of new products. Notable rate reductions include the 80 per cent LTV two-year fix sliced from 2.98 per cent to 2.14 per cent, and the 85 per cent LTV two-year fix from 2.98 per cent to 2.14 per cent. Both products are within the lender’s semi-exclusive residenti

Accord announces new seven-year fix

Accord Mortgages has launched a new seven-year fixed rate product and made a series of rate cuts. The new product is a 75 per cent LTV seven-year fix at 2.34 per cent. This offering is available for purchase or remortgage and has a £495 completion fee. In addition, the 75 per cent 10-year fix has been cut from 2.44 per cent to 2.40 per cent. This

Leeds cuts rates and adds products to BTL range

Leeds Building Society has announced a number of rate cuts, and new products within its buy-to-let range. A notable reduction is to the 70 per cent LTV five-year fix at 2.38 per cent. This deal includes a £999 fee, a maximum loan of £500,000, and fees assisted legals for remortgages. The new products include a 60 per cent LTV five-year fix at 2.9

Better Ways To Repay A Business Loan On Time

Every business owner wants his business to grow and run successfully. For this, he sometimes avails a business loan as well. A loan for business is easily available due to the number of financial lenders operating in the market. However, the problem arises when a business owner is not able to repay his loan on time. It only makes more sense to avo

In re Engen: Nondischargable student loans create a “prison of emotional confinement”

Bankruptcy Judge Robert Berger issued an opinion in 2016 that deserves to be better known than it is. Although the substance of Judge Berger’s decision focused on an arcane provision of bankruptcy law, it also contains a trenchant summary of the misery that has been inflicted on millions of Americans by the federal student loan program. In re

Dude! Don’t move to India to escape student loans!

Zero Hedge posted an article yesterday about people who fled the United States to escape their student loans. (Annie Nova wrote the original story for CNBC).  Chad Haag, for example, graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and emigrated to India to get away from $20,000 in college-loan debt. Apparently, Haag is somewhat ambivalent about

Take out student loans, get a college degree, and then go to work for a rental car agency: Is this the American Dream?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the number one employer of college graduates in the United States. According to Chronicle of Higher Education, Enterprise expects to hire 8,500 college graduates in 2019. In fact, three of the top ten companies for hiring college graduates are car rental companies: Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis. For Enterprise, CHE reported,