Mortgage broker fined for assault on rail worker

A mortgage broker has been fined for assaulting a rail worker at King’s Cross Station in London.

The City of London Magistrates Court heard that Simon Checkley had become angry after missing a train to his birthday celebrations.

After shouting “your system is b*******”, the court heard that Checkley responded to rail worker Luke Leach telling him that he was being hostile and rude by saying: “Your service is crap. What’s your name? I’m going to take a picture.”

Checkley then grabbed the top of Leach’s arm after demanding to see the rail worker’s name tag.

Leach responded by saying: “Don’t touch me. That’s assault,” according to prosecutor Jennifer Glatland, who added that the police were then called.

Checkley is then alleged to have said: “I bet you really want a f****** fight you little gay boy,” following this by repeating “any time, any place. We’ll see what happens” four times.

Checkley told police that he touched Leach rather than grabbed him, and that he did not make any homophobic comments.

The defendant’s lawyer Aisling Byrnes said: “He intended to catch the train home for a weekend family gathering. He went through the barrier, but missed the train and wanted to go back through the barrier to catch another train.

“He accepts he was frustrated and wanted to get to the train and admits he might have been abrupt and was reprimanded by Mr Leach.

“He is a law-abiding man who lost his temper. He will have to disclose this conviction because he works in the finance sector and was ashamed to miss the birthday party because he was in police custody.

“He is mortified and deeply sorry. He had been drinking and had little recollection of the incident until viewing the CCTV last week. He expresses a wish to apologise to Mr. Leach.”

Magistrate Colin Bateman-Jones ordered Checkley to pay a £500 fine, £350 in costs and court fees and £100 in compensation to Leach, commenting: “You are aware of the seriousness of the matter. The offence is worsened by the fact you were drinking and this gentleman was doing his job.

“You berated him with a homophobic comment and there were other people around.”

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