How Referrals Through Indiabulls Partner App Can Help You Earn Extra Income

Referral programs are one of many ways to earn some money from home. Referral programs for loans work in the favour of both, the referrer and the referee. If you want to earn some money from home, then referral programs are a good option. These programs help you earn money in the form of commissions. Commissions are an easy way to earn some extra income with zero investment. You might think of how to make money online, Indiabulls Partner Program is one such way to make money from a credible source. This is just like a work from home opportunity for you.

Indiabulls Dhani has come up with a referral program, which goes by the name Indiabulls Partner. This referral program lets you refer Indiabulls Dhani to prospective loan buyers. In return for the referrals, you get a commission. Here is how the Indiabulls Partner Program helps you earn extra income.

1. What is Indiabulls Partner Program?

The Indiabulls Partner Program is all about referring Indiabulls Dhani to loan buyers who are looking out for instant personal loans. These personal loans can be of different types such as a Travel loan, Wedding loan, Two-wheeler loan, Education Loan, etc.

2. How does it Work?

Download the App & Register

  • Download the Indiabulls Partner App
  • Register by filling in the relevant details such as PAN Card Number and Bank details

Start Referrals

  • You can start referring Indiabulls Dhani to prospective loan buyers (prospective leads)
  • Once you login a lead, which means a referral, you can earn a commission as soon as the loan is disbursed into the account of the loan applicant

Raise Pay Out Bills

  • If you get a lead, and the money is disbursed into the account of the lead, then you can raise bills for pay-outs and receive your commission

3. Why Should You Become a Partner?

If you want to try this as a work from home opportunity, you can consider becoming an Indiabulls Partner.

  1. When you become a partner with Indiabulls Dhani, you get to earn extra income without any investments.
  2. The pay-outs with the Indiabulls Partner Program are instant.
  3. The work timings are flexible.
  4. There is no initial investment required.
  5. You can work on your own, with any employing people.
  6. All the referral work can be done through the Partner app; hence, you do not have to venture out of your home to visit our offices.

When you become an Indiabulls Dhani Partner, you can help people fulfil their aspirations by helping them to avail a personal loan with Indiabulls Dhani. This work from home opportunity can help you to earn money and improve your own life too.

Become A Partner

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