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UK Student Loans Explained

Student loans seem to be the only feasible way out to pursue higher studies for the average student in UK. Things become all the more difficult for those without university funding. The government, in its efforts to make further education affordable, had undertaken quite a few steps to buffer educational finance. A significant step towards this e

Private Student Loans – What You Need To Know

Private student loans should be the last stop in trying to get the money to cover your college bills because they will cost you far more in the end than most other forms of financing. Unfortunately for college students, financial aid packages from many schools do not cover the entire cost of education. Based on your FAFSA (Free Application for

How you can consolidate the loans of your students

Usually, consolidation is a faster way to get out of students’ debt than a reasonable and affordable payment plan. Once you go through the application process and get a direct Consolidation Loan, you will immediately be taken out of default status. You will stay this way as long as you keep making payments. Although student loans are not

Student Loans For Those With Bad Credit

When it comes time for you to start college, you really do not want your bad credit to get in the way. The good news, too, is that it does not have to. You still have access to a number of loans – and at reasonable rates. Here is some information to tell you about what kind of student loans are available to you. One thing that should hel

The Time To Consolidate Your Student Loans Is Now

I don’t know if you’re a fan of financial guru and radio show host Dave Ramsey, but I certainly am. I listen to Ramsey every day and find his advice to be based on common sense principles for getting out of debt and building wealth. One thing that Ramsey recommends is that if you have high interest student loans, you should ref

How Bankruptcy Affects Student Loans

The vast majority of government student loans cannot be gotten rid of easily, even filing for bankruptcy will not resolve these debts. The only way that these types of loans can be taken care of in bankruptcy is if you can prove that they are a substantial hardship on you and your finances and this is a pretty hard ting to do in most cases, espec