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4 Sales Tips For Loan Officers in 2019

Do you want to close more loans this year? Then you need to know these 4 sales tips for loan officers. 1. Connect With Your Customer Let’s say you’re sitting at your desk. A lead pops up in your inbox. It’s lead #48174. What does that number mean to you? Nothing. And what do you mean to that lead? Nothing. Because you haven’t connected yet. How d

How To Rent An Apartment With Bad Credit?

Everyone makes mistakes. A bad credit score leaves us with frustrated emotions, but fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe you’ve been denied a loan or noticed a spike in interest rates because of a low score. Now you’re wondering how to rent an apartment with bad credit, if at all. You can still rent with a low score while simultaneous

Know more about Tax Benefits on Business Loans in India

No doubt, Indians revel in taking business loans. Well, courtesy to exemplary advancements in the Indian Fintech ecosystem. Lending is much easier than ever before. Growing and expanding up business in India is now no more a hassle prone task.  And what made it possible is easy disbursement of business loans. Business loans are the financial produ

What Baseball Can Teach Us About Loan Production

Dennis Black CONSUMER STRATEGIES What Baseball Can Teach Us About Loan Production Dennis Black, Chief Executive Officer As we enter the busy summer loan generation period of Q3, let’s turn to America’s favorite pastime, baseball, for a helpful sales tip. There’s a fundamental element of base

The Student Loan Crisis: If you aren’t concerned, you’re not paying attention

Joseph Kennedy, it is said, got out of the stock market after a shoeshine boy gave him a stock tip. When a shoeshine boy is in the stock market, Kennedy reasoned, it is time to get out. And thus Joe Kennedy, JFK’s father and a very wealthy man, got out of the market before the 1929 crash. Signs are all around us that the federal student-loan

7 Credit Myths About Installment Loans, Debunked

Are you in a financial bind and trying to figure out the best loan option for your situation? Some people choose credit cards and others choose loans depending on their situation. Thanks to the misinformation out there about installment loans some people are scared to even consider this option. Like with everything else don’t believe everything yo

MSME Loan in 59 Minutes: Eligibility, Documents, Interest Rate

MSME sector is an important pillar of the Indian economy. It is a vast network of around 30 million business units and is monitored by the central government of the country. The government offers the sector with financial assistance to keep the business running. There are several MSME loan schemes offered by the government. For the same purpose, t

Loan Stacking: A Guide for Borrowers

Understanding the concerns and challenges lenders face can help you avoid what lenders see as “red flags” and make yourself an ideal candidate for the next time you need a business loan. The age of online lending has brought a couple of new challenges. One of the biggest is loan stacking.  What is Loan Stacking?  Loan stacking is the practice of t

The Top 3 Absolute Best Secured Credit Cards

Approximately 68 million people in the US have bad credit scores. This is close to a third of the 220 million who qualify to be scored. For these individuals, accessing finance for mortgages, tuition, and even for emergencies is difficult. It is therefore important to ensure that your credit rating remains good. Maintaining and improving your cred

Payday Loan Lender Review: Spotloan

Today’s low-credit borrowers have never had more loan product options, and those new products continually challenge the predatory lenders of the past who knowingly trap customers in debt. Spotloan is a relatively new service in the payday lender category. Though, it doesn’t consider itself to be a real payday lender. The company began serving cust